Any science can be used or abused. Tantra is a science where you can not only have god realization but also have access to “positive and negative” energies in the universe. A pot which is full with water does not make sound. In the same way, the man with full knowledge, follower of “kula dharma”, will not be doing any harmful acts, although he can use both “positive and negative” energies in the universe.

Realization of truth requires sustained effort through any path. But unlike other paths, through Tantra, one can attain lot of powers both destructive and constructive. Person who has not attained the truth may start fulfilling his own desires such as money, name, etc. This does not require much spiritual experience, only some “Tantric Siddhis” are enough. One may start using these distructive powers and can do evil acts such as affecting career/business or wealth/prosperty, creating family problems or unnecessary anxiety/tensions. These cannot be identified by modern science.

If these are duly recognized, then these can be “reversed back or neutralized.

Pratyangira Bhagavati:

She is one aspect of devi, which is worshipped in kerala as Dharma devata in the "Kavu/ temple" and "Shakteya Bhagavati in "Nair" families. The worship of this deity is in the form of pure "Kaula Tantra". The form and mantra are very terrifying with vibrating energy symbols/beeja mantras and it as long tradition starts from Ananda bhairava, Hayagreeva, Dakshina moorthy, Dattatreya, Matsyendranath, Gorakshanath, etc.

In this temple, this horrific form of Pratyangira is condensed to the yogic form in a meru shreechakra with saptha matrikas (Brahmani, Maheshwari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Indrani, and Chamunda).

Daily worship is performed with pure "Kaula" tradition.

Ucchista Ganapathi:

This form of Ganapathi has six arms. His hands show the rosary, the pomegranate, the paddy ear (shalyagra), the nocturnal lotus, the lute (veena). His sixth hand sometimes bears a gunja berry, embraces the goddess. The Ucchista Ganapathi's trunk is placed on the goddesse's thigh. This is a tantric form of Ganapathi.

Aghora Moorthy:

This is one of five forms of shiva which is worshipped generally by “Nath Panth” sadhus and Avadhoothas.


Once, Lord Siva and Sri Parvathy, came to earth. During his snana, holy bath, in a river in kulikunnan forest , Lord Siva, happened to meet a tribal girl , koolivaka. She was an extremely beautiful girl. Seeing her immense and aphrodisiac beauty, Lord Siva soon developed an infatuation. Sri Parvathi, wife of Lord Siva, came to know about his infatuation. Parvathi transformed herself in the form of koolivaka. A child with divine power was born through this holy union. Sri Parvathi gave this child to koolivaka to bring him up. Lord Siva and Sri Parvathi blessed this child. The purpose behind all these happenings was the havoc of Demon Bringhasura, who was a menace to all living beings, especially the Devas. Later, this child killed the demon Bringhasura, at the age of seven.

This Child was, later known as Bhagavan Sri Chathan Swami.

Once, Chathan Swami travelled to Sri Kailasa. A buffalo was his conveyance. When Swami arrived kailasa, he changed his appearance as Lord Vishnu, with weapons Shanka, Chakra, Gadha and Lotus. Lord Siva well pleased and hugged his son .Lord Siva blessed him. "You will be known as Vishnumaya". After this incident, Chathan Swami also known as Vishnumaya.

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